I`m In A Better Place

In Memory of Our US Soldiers 3-2008


Mom and Dad please don`t worry about me cause I`m in a better place.

Heaven is beautiful and it is full of God`s grace.

I know you are hurting because you miss me.

But please don`t stop living because I am happy and free.

Don`t be too sad because I am in a much better place.

The war was horrific and I am with Jesus whom now I embrace.

You just can`t imagine the things that I see.

I am with my war buddies and we are finally free.

Don`t give up because you know I am in a better place.

God has prepared my mansion up here in this space.

There is no pain and there are no more tears.

God has taken away all of my fears.

Do spread the word that I am in my heavenly home.

Please let everyone know that I am not alone.

I see all my loved ones and there is always light.

There are angels everywhere and Jesus is just  in sight.

Mom and Dad I`ll be here waiting to see you someday.

But you know I died for freedom and the US of A.

Please know that Jesus is just a prayer away.

Just pass around the word that he will be coming back one day!


Written by:  Suzanne Hallman Lauder